Bdo witch outfits

The Witch is a master of Elemental Magic, binding the forces of earth, fire, wind and water to her will. She is capable of great destruction, but that is not the limit of her power. Witches can also act as beacons of healing and support on the battlefield, using AoE heals, and protection spells to bolster the strength and defense of allies.

The transition between destruction and healing can make Witches a formidable foe. However, they do have long cast times and animations, making it necessary that they stay vigilant on the battlefield, and take precautions to avoid danger. Should a Witch be cornered, their skills will be put to the ultimate test of life or death. This skill has a maximum of 5 ranks, with a cumulative cost of 60 skill points to max out all ranks.

Unlike the existing staff skills, Awakening skills using the Sphera have relatively shorter casting time, allowing Witches to deal with enemies more efficiently. Within the realms of sages, there are differing schools of thought, all specializing in studying supernatural phenomena. This pursuit of knowledge seems to call to individuals, and they revel in the discovery of theorems that fit the world around them.

For sages, there is no nobler cause than seeking knowledge. The Godr-Ayed Thea was a long established group of sages specializing in knowledge of the ancient elements. They were one of the most respected and influential institutions of sages. The Labreve was a school that consisted solely of female sages - or Witches.

The Labreve focused on the elements of Earth and Lightning. Unlike other groups of sages, the Labreve focused solely on studying Aad's Pharos to research the elements. Although Labreve was a young organization, it quickly expanded due to the gifted Witch Deneve. She was incredibly gifted, and her approach to studying led to many different breakthroughs.

Her crowning achievement was altering the power of Aad's Pharos, leading to the creation of teleportation. Her achievement led to all sages learning the power of teleportation, yet she knew there was more.

She continued to study teleportation, believing there were other realms to be explored, worlds with limitations different than her own. With more vigor than ever, she continued to research Aad's Pharos. This continued research led her to being able to commune with the primal force of two elements, Earth and Lightning.

Communing with these forces allowed her to bring forth the keepers Gorr, the guardian of Earth, and Tett, the guardian of Lightning.

They brought her even more knowledge, allowing her skills to continue to grow exponentially. Her knowledge eventually led her to create the Aad Sphera.

Magic infused spheres which acted as the perfect conduit for magical energies. Yet while using the Sphera, Deneve felt the presence of another realm. This was exactly what she was searching for. Years of research and study had led to this point, and without hesitation she risked everything and attempted to teleport to this new realm.Home Discussions Workshop Market Broadcasts. Change language. Install Steam. Black Desert Online. Global Achievements. Or should I wait until I'm 60 then put some points in pre-awake?

I do PVP a lot because my guilds got many enemies :O. Thank you :D. Last edited by nNightElf ; 21 Jun, am. Showing 1 - 4 of 4 comments. Heliosk View Profile View Posts. As you progress higher through leveling, a larger variety of combo variations will open up to you, and it will be mainly up to you to decide what combos you want to use, and what skills you want to invest in.

Here's a really helpful article on Witch post-awakening skill builds, combos, etc. Best of luck! Hi - witch lvl 58 aiming for 60 atm here.

Dont forget your block and your funny green damage over time dot skill and paralyze. Originally posted by Heliosk :. Originally posted by xuxuliz muzic :. Per page: 15 30 Date Posted: 21 Jun, am.

[HD] Black Desert KR Cash Shop: Witch Costumes (April 2016 Korean Server)

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bdo witch outfits

DIY's Witch Crafts proves that you can convert a simple work blouse and ordinary skirt into a spine-tingling witch costume full of flair.

Note: The key is to utilize old clothes you already have or easy-to-find store bought pieces.

Black Desert Online Nude Mod – Stella Costume

Use what we did as an inspiration to make your own personalized witch outfit. Crank up your imagination and get glam! Follow instructions on store-bought fabric dye and dye the white poet blouse grey. Allow to dry. Mix tablespoons of black craft paint for every 1. Prepare to age and "bewitch" your blouse by laying it outside on the grass or on top of a large plastic drop cloth.

Lightly spritz entire blouse with the solution to get a speckled aged look. Then layer on more paint solution at the bottom edges of the bodice and sleeve cuffs until the edges are almost black, thinning out into the light grey going up the blouse.

Refill spray bottle as needed. Use scissors to cut and tear ragged strips along the bottom of the broom skirt. Repeat step 2 and 3 with white and silver craft paints and spray layers of color onto the skirt. Remember to keep heavier layers towards the bottom and thin it out going up the skirt.

Glam up the blouse by trimming the cuffs and neckline with sparkly ribbon or black braid trim. Then distress cuffs and bottom edge of bodice by ripping the seams open with a seam ripper.

Glam up the brim using Fabric-Tac and some glitzy trim. Add some feathers or glittered plastic spiders to tulle with more hot glue. Turn your favorite Mary Janes or black heels into witchy shoes. Use our buckle template above, right to cut two buckle shapes from sticky backed, black craft foam.

Cover both with silver glitter paint and allow to dry. Weave folded piece of red tulle through and over center section. Peel off sticky backing and secure buckles to shoes with bobby pins. Can hot glue to shoes for more permanent use. For more fun Halloween projects, pumpkin-carving templates and spooky-good videos, visit Halloween Pumpkin Palooza! Sign up for the Newsletter Privacy Policy. Sign up for weekly project ideas and advice from experts.

Privacy Policy. How To Make and Decorate Decorating. A Glamorous Witch Costume. Pinterest Facebook Twitter Email. Glamorous Witch Costume Who says a witch can't be glamorous? Materials and Tools:. How to Make a Punk Mummy Costume Learn how to make a prize-worthy mummy costume that will draw attention at that special Halloween party.

How to Carve a Halloween Pumpkin Whether you are working from a pattern or free-handing it, having the right tools for carving pumpkins makes all the difference.

Stone Spray Tombstones How to create creepy tombstones for your Halloween decorations. Spooky and Glitzy Candles Take your haunted house to the next dimension with custom candles and specimen jars bubbling with eerie fun. How to Decorate Paper Lanterns for Halloween Light up your Halloween party with paper lanterns decked out in spiders, bugs and creepy crawlies.Growing up, she always left with her little sister, Rozabelle. She likes to read and write but her nature of exploring is greater than those.

In young age, she explored Balenos, Serendia and Calpheon, alone. When she was a baby, she were cursed by an elf wicked witch - who is supposedly to be a secret affair of her father. Caused by jealousy, the witch cursed Rozenelle but her pet cat, Neeko reincarnated as Neko saved her. Thus, her cat-like appearance. As soon as she was born, Kaine and Ellyana took her and nurture her as their own - giving Rozenelle a step-sister.

Growing up, Kaine noticed how she grew up to be look so alike to her mother and have interest with combat, especially involving sword - so, he signed her up for a combat practice. She can use magic like her deceased mother along with her kriegmesser. Rayzeyn is a noble born from Kamasylvia but due to the debt of his father, he fled to Balenos and met Rozenelle.

Kaine requested him to marry Rozenelle in order to save him from his misfortune - and so they got married. Soon after Kaine and Ellyana died from a disease they caught from travelling, Rozenelle and Rayzeyn separated - they got a child together.

He pursued his dream to travel the world and becoming a sailor. Layla is a bright child - in her young age, she made friend with a beast called Daru but others labelled it as Heilang.

She grew up in Velia and would always teases the shais in Velia.


Rayzeyn wanted a son but as soon as he saw Layla, he fell in love with her. Rozenelle wanted to name her Isabelle but argued with Rayzeyn about naming her - they decided to combine the name. Rozabelle spoiled her a lot. Slowly, Layla becoming protective over the twins. Kyranaa was a princess but due to some conflicts happened in her own kingdom, she was kidnapped by the enemy kingdom.

Being able to do combat as she was taught, she drew her crimson glaives to fight them and went back - only to find nothing left for her in the kingdom.

bdo witch outfits

She was devastated and fled to Balenos. Rozenelle found her by the shore of Velia Beach and brought her into the family. She lost her memories - only thing she remembers is her name and how to use her crimson glaives. She would got bits of her lost memories - a memories that she wanted to forget forever. Yuii is an adventurous child. She likes exploring and travelling, of course. She went back to Florin, looking for her little sister frantically until Rozenelle found her crying by the road.

Rozenelle took her in and becoming her guardian unofficially.Most Blacksmiths offer a service known as Extraction. This method helps players retrieve invested items such as Black Stones from armor or weapons. However the cost of doing so can be quite heavy, and should not be done on a whim. In order to regain the invested items, you will need to visit a Blacksmith and open their extraction menu. From there players can place the armor or weapon they intend to retrieve the stones from, with the cost being the destruction of the item.

bdo witch outfits

Otherwise it'll be automatically destroyed. Read more on magic crystals and their use in the Transfusion page. It works separately from your regular Enhancement Chance. Cron Stones are used for safely enhancing PRI items or higher.

It keeps the item at its current enhancement level even if the enhancement attempt fails. The amount of Cron Stones required depends on the item your enhancing. Reformed equipment can have its reform stone extracted.

bdo witch outfits

The equipment piece will return to its prior state. After selecting Reform Stone Extraction function of the Blacksmith or Armor Vendor, register the reformed equipment and Restoration Stone and press the Extract button to obtain the extracted reformed stones and equipment as it was before being reformed.

Jump to: navigationsearch. Navigation menu Personal tools. Namespaces Page Discussion. Views Read View source View history. Calpheon Calpheon Leveling Star's End. Valencia Valencia Leveling. Drieghan Drieghan Leveling Lakiaro. This page was last edited on 8 Octoberat There is only a randomized chance of being returned some amount of the stones used in this piece of equipment.If you are planning to get serious about any of the life skills in BDO training, sailing, cooking, gathering, trading, alchemy, etc.

Unlike the quest reward outfits, you can also enhance the clothing you craft to get even better buffs. Every Life outfit requires black stone powder, so this should be a priority.

You can get a refinery to make black stone powder, so grab one now and get your worker going on grinding up some rough stones you can mine feldspar for those with your pickaxe. You can also grind up crystals for black stone powder.

Next up? Wool is made from fleece, which can be gathered by your worker at Lynch Ranch. Cotton is a bit easier to get, as you can find it in the wild try the mountain top above Florin. Of course, many of these materials are also obtainable on the marketplace — but some like Powder of Earth are not easy to buy, so you may need to get it all on your own.

Obtaining Coral Pieces: Coral pieces can be obtained by diving in the ocean and gathering with a hoe the coral found there. Obtaining Trace of Battle: — Worker excavation at Bernianto Farm northwest of Northern Wheat Plantation spend 35 energy with the node manager to open — Drops occasionally from certain Mansha mobs — Melting Bares weapons in the processing menu.

Obtaining Powder of Earth: — Small chance of getting it while mining rocks with a pickaxe — Worker excavation at Tin mines — Drops occasionally from certain Waragon, Tree Spirit and Ruins mobs. Obtaining Powder of Flame: — Small chance of getting it while mining copper with a pickaxe — Worker excavation at Copper and Iron mines.

Obtaining Trace of Forest: — Worker excavation at Bernianto Farm northwest of Northern Wheat Plantation spend 35 energy with the node manager to open — Drops occasionally from certain Mask Owl mobs Share this: Print Facebook Reddit Twitter Pocket afk fishing black desert costumes black desert online cooking cooks clothes fisher fishing clothes fishing XP gathering clothes horse XP outift processing costume sailing clothes trading clothes trainers clothes training outfit Previous BDO Underwater Ocean Exploration is Here!Witch and Wizard are bursty AoE classes.

Witch and Wizard are strong in group fights, where AoEs do a lot of damage, and super armor protects us from incoming hits. In a 1v1, we can excel, but not as easily as other classes. We have high accuracy and damage on skills, but that is mostly because late game flows basically add double damage to skills.

The high accuracy and damage on skills allows us more flexibility for other builds compared to other classes, but we still need AP need to deal damage. I personally feel that Witch and Wizards, are low skill floor, yet high skill ceiling class. Big damage in awakening stance, and big heals in staff stance. Everyone is under the impression that mages are overpowered, and will beeline for you during a group fight at the first possible moment. The heals and damage reduction buffs turn the tides of battle, and our large area spells deal massive damage to the enemies on the field.

Mages are highly sought after in large siege guilds, and small nodewar guilds alike.

Popular skill builds

In the end, the mages are what you make them. My current choice, the wizard, has fit both of these roles for me, with my only gripe being the ridiculous amount of effort I have to put in to be competitive in 1v1 scenarios. Then you can start thinking about different offhands and alternative builds.

With the new addition of 10s elixir cd, some more stats can made up with elixirs without having to micromanage elixirs as much. It is still more work to keep up however. As you move towards the right, you gain more freedom to switch up crystals. The legend for some abbreviations is under the chart.

For the hipster in you, here is a wall of text about pros and cons for various gear builds people have asked about. Lots of new information has come out in the last few months such as hidden evasion and DR, 2 piece set bonus conversion for Grunil and Rocaba, and new boss gear.

So far, no one has tested and published data between the two it would be very hard to test a difference. Like green helmets, Rocaba helmet itself has more evasion than Giath.

As a 2-piece set bonus, you supposedly gain 20 evasion information from the datamine. In total you gain more evasion compared to just boss armor.

If you swap other boss armor for the 2nd Rocaba piece, you will be losing evasion and DR as well. It is actually very similar to Red Nose vs Dim Tree Armor, with testing differences showing similar numbers to the HP difference between the two armors. Pre-awakening skill basics: Translated from Inven.

Another Guide about Skills and other stuff: For Wizard. These are general barebones skill builds. You get free skill resets before 56, and one more right after awakening. The trees might vary for you, due to new exp buffs without skill exp buffs. Use these as a general idea. Witch Awakening Skill Explanation and Tips youtube.


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