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Use the above links or scroll down see all to the PlayStation cheats we have available for Wild Arms. There are 2 ways to duplicate items. The fast way and the slow way. Slow Way: To duplicate an item toyou should but don't have to order your characters from Rudy, Jack, and Cecilia, but you can.

Get into a battle with strong or weak enemies. Have the first character use a heal berry.

How to use - Gameshark And Codebreaker oOn PSX Emulator(ePSXe, Psxfin)

Then have the second character switch the place of the heal berry and the item to be duplicated, then have that person defend. Have the thrid character also defend. The item to be duplicated should disappear from the inventory. Do the same thing for the next round and the item you want to duplicate will have next to it.

Fast Way: To duplicate an item in one round, have the first and second person use a heal berry. Have the third person switch the place of the heal berry and the item to be duplicated, then defend. Check your item inventory and you should have of the item that was duplicated. This trick works when only one of the item to be duplicated is present. Enter a battle and perform the following actions: 1.

Have the first character typically Jack use a healing item, such as a berry or medicine. Have the second character typically Cecille also use the same healing item. Have the final character typically Rudyexchange the positions of the healing item and the item to be multiplied in the inventory. Then, have Rudy use the healing item. After winning the battle, the inventory will contain of the item that was multiplied.Join us for the tastiest gaming disucssions and news every Tuesday.

Be sure to subscribe and keep watch for emails about special streams. February 11, at pm Hardware Reviews. No longer a bulky unit stepping in between cartridge and console, the GameShark might be more properly categorized as software as the package includes a single CD.

Providing a wealth of codes already built in, it also uses a standard PlayStation memory card to store even more codes that can be entered by the user.

psx gameshark

In addition to the CD-version in my possession Version 4. It would seem that several previous versions exist with entirely different interfaces though I cannot speak to the quality of any others. Instead of the cartridge — game intermediary, third-party developers had to get a little more clever when CD-based gaming became the norm.

With a memory card with some spare space available, the user can even add codes to the already large database without having to type them in each time. First, one must insert the GameShark disc like any other game. Unlike Game Genies of the past, the user rarely has to look at the actual codes as everything is nicely translated into words.

When adding codes, the user can type in the name of the game and the name of the effect.

Choose the platform you want to emulate on:

Completely eliminated is the need to look up codes before playing a game. When one is ready to start, the system will prompt the user to remove the GameShark disc, insert the game, and press X.

Just how hard can you cheat with the GameShark? Different games have different codes, but gamers have been exploring and testing these gadgets for years and coming up with new ones. Using up 2 or more slots for one effect was a real dampener, but gone are these problems. Rather than entering each code every time, these codes are stored permanently and are either activated or deactivated.

There are claims that too many active codes can cause the game to crash. One impressive aspect over earlier game enhancers is that the occurrence of unintended side effects is almost non-existent. With PlayStation games containing so much more detail and data than earlier cartridge-based titles, it become easier to pinpoint exactly what elements are being modified while leaving other parts of gameplay untouched. During my assessment of the Game Genie for the NESI mentioned that by the time of the PlayStation many games had in-game cheats thereby eliminating some of the need for cheat devices.

However, after seeing how much the GameShark has to offer, I can safely say that built-in cheat codes are no match for what can be done with this purpose-built cheat device.The Game Shark and Pro Action Replay are devices that allow custom cheat codes to be enabled in various console games.

Originally developed by Datel Design and Development, Ltd. Each system requires their own version of the device. The Nintendo 64 and Sega Saturn versions plug into the cartridge port on the top of the console.

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The Sony PlayStation version plugs into the high-speed parallel port on the back of the console. However, this assumes that the same regional version of the game is being used on both systems. Since games are often modified when released in various world markets, most Pro Action Replay codes correspond to European releases, while Game Shark codes correspond to North American or Japanese releases. Thus, Pro Action Replay codes for an European version of a game can be used in any Game Shark or Pro Action Replay cartridge if that version of the game is being played in that machine.

However, those same codes in that same machine will not work if the U. If you're familiar with the Game Genie or Action Replay cartridges used in the 8-bit or bit video game systems, then you already understand the concept of the Game Shark and Pro Action Replay.

As a game runs on a video game system, specific locations in the consoles RAM memory are used to hold important information, such as the number of lives remaining, shields, ammunition, current game level, etc. The Game Shark and Pro Action Replay device is able to override the values in those memory locations, allowing the game to be played with unlimited lives, always full shields, unlimited ammunition, etc.

This capability is a distinct advantage, especially in games that don't have built-in cheat codes. A large number of games can now be mastered by using internal codes from the cartridge, or by entering custom codes found in magazines, tip lines, or web sites such as this.

Simply stated, a Joker Command allows a Game Shark code to be momentarily activated when a button or combination of buttons is pressed on the controller.

This differs from standard Game Shark codes, which are always active during game play. Joker Commands are very useful in situations where a Game Shark code will lock up the system while the game is loading or in other areas.

Theoretically, every game can use the Joker command feature. Any Game Shark code can be with a Joker Command. A Joker Command can be entered as a Master Code, which will turn on all codes that are enabled when the Joker button combination is pressed. It may also be used with an individual code in the regular code box, by entering the Joker Command as line one, with the remaining part s of the code listed underneath.

It's used by InterAct or Datel to upgrade, or "flash" the software inside the cartridge. It's also used to connect the cartridge to a PC to allow new codes to be hacked.

A Comms Link package is required to provide the PC connection. A: A Game Shark is a small gaming device like the "Game Genie" that you put into either the Sony PlayStation or Nintendo 64, that lets you put in special codes by enter numbers and letter into it.

A: Yes, they are both the same. However, Game Shark codes will work for the Pro Action Replay if the game is the same regional version. A: You can click here and buy a Game Shark on-line for a very cheap price. You can also buy a Game Shark at most video game and electronic stores i. These places can also probably answer any other questions or problems you might have with a Game Shark.

A: When you first boot up your system with the Game Shark attached, a Game Shark title screen will appear. Look in the top right hand corner to determine what version you own ex. A: There are three different sections of entering a new game, and new codes. By following the assigned keys at the bottom of the GameShark screen, you must first enter the Game Title ex.We are the oldest retro gaming forum on the internet.

The goal of our community is the complete preservation of all retro video games.

psx gameshark

Started in as EmuParadise Forums, our community has grown over the past 18 years into one of the biggest gaming platforms on the internet. Login to Your Account. Reset your password. Remember Me? What's New? Results 1 to 12 of Thread: How to use a gameshark with PSX emulator? How to use a gameshark with PSX emulator? Playstation Emulation Cheater. All American Hero! OK i got the program but how do i make them work in the game, i enabled cheats, set the shortcut, then played the game after sending to plug in, then i pressed the buttons i chose.

Supreme Warrior Guest. Codebreaker and Xploder CD's will work in ePSXe by the way, you are best mounting CD images to play all your emulated games, this gives a higher compat and makes CD exchaning work properly. I still recomend PEC over and cheat CD though specially for adding codes and for creating your own codes You just can't make your own codes with the Cheat CD's Instructions to install 1.

Select the ePSXe plugin folder for the plugin to be installed e. Keep hitting Next and finally Install You can close this for now 5. In ePSXe set the Video to use the psx emulation cheater plugin 6. Hit Configure and pick the proper video plugin hit ok until all the menu's close Instructions to use I recomend you mount your games via Daemon Tools Lite DTools 1.

Mount the game you want to play with DTools 2. Run ePSXe this can be minimised for now 3. Run PEC 4. In PEC hit the drive leter the mounted CD is in This will auto find codes for the game in that drive [Some games you may need to do that manually just make sure the region is correct] e. Select all codes you wish to use 6. Hit F9 7. Back in ePSXe Hit Enjoy You may need to reset at some point If codes for your disc do not exist then add them yourself either with notepad or with a PEC editor, make sure to include the CD code to make things easy in the future i.

Wait so i have to use a disc to use the gameshark? Originally Posted by florayina. Similar Threads Read Before Posting!

Replies: 1 Last Post: 22nd-December, Nes on Playstation 2 By chrisclan17 in forum Sony systems. Replies: 17 Last Post: 16th-January, Teach Me, Oh Great H4x0r's!!!Thank you so much, i see many annoying videos on youtube and i was very upset.

Your guide works perfectly. Thank you very much for this simple no fuss little guide. I managed to easily sort out my cheat codes for Gran Turismo. You are commenting using your WordPress.

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Notify me of new posts via email. So I decided to write this post in order to avoid confusion between them. Also, this method works for older versions of the emulator. Well, I will assume you have the emulator installed and configured. Now, open the emulator, click on Run, then on the option Enable Logs and restart the program.

It will show you another window, now run the game and copy somewhere the information that will be shown at the highlighted area, see the picture below:. It will be different according to the game.

In this case, the code is SCUS Now navigate to the main directory of the emulator and open the cheat folder, right click on it and create a text document with the same name of the game region code we saw above. You can find many on the Internet. Now that you have them, write the codes in the format below:.

It should be like the picture below:. Ok, almost done.

psx gameshark

Now, open the emulator, run the game. Here you should see the codes descriptions that were put in step 2. If not, go to the step 2 and try again.

Check the picture:. Enable just what you need. In this example, only the Max HP code is enabled.

After that, just hit OKthen click on Runand Continue to return to the game. Now you know how to enter gameshark code in ePSXe! Have fun! Try to enable a few codes at once, since GameShark codes can break your save game. Thanks for visiting my blog, feel free to come back and check other updates!

Share this: Twitter Facebook. Like this: Like Loading Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in:. Email required Address never made public. Name required. Post to Cancel.GameShark is the brand name of a line of video game cheat cartridges and other products for a variety of console video game systems and Windows-based computers. Players load cheat codes from GameShark discs or cartridges onto the console's internal or external memory, so that when the game is loaded, the selected cheats can be applied.

When the original GameShark was released, it came with 4, preloaded codes. Codes could be entered, but unlike the Game Geniecodes were saved in the onboard flash memory and could be accessed later rather than having to be reentered.

The cartridges also acted as memory cards, with equal or greater storage capacity to the consoles' first party memory cards. Only a few examples of these Upgrade CDs were known to have been published. Also included was the option to use an Enhancement CD in order to upgrade the GameShark and add new codes found on the disc.

The GameShark Pro series contained a feature that allowed players to find their own codes. During gameplay, the user presses a button on the device to open a code search menu. Finding code is done by searching memory locations either for specific values or for values that have changed in a certain way increased, decreased, not changed, etc.

After the first search, subsequent searches only look at memory locations that match the specified criteria from the last search. By performing multiple searches the list of matching locations is gradually reduced. Once the list is reasonably small the user must determine which of the found locations is the correct one by modifying them one at a time and seeing what effect it has on the game.

In some games, the resulting code may only work in one level or it may cause problems in other parts of the game due to memory locations being dynamically assigned. In these cases, the user has two options: attempt to locate a pointer to the data block that their code is attempting to modify or change the game's programming which is usually located at the same place every time.

If a pointer is found, and the device supports it, a new code can be made which determines the correct location to modify from the pointer.

psx gameshark

If the device does not support pointers the game programming must be changed instead. Generally, the user must use external tools to find the code that accesses this data. If the code is reading from memory it may be changed to read a constant value; if it is writing, it may be changed to not perform the write.

These changes may not have the same overall effects as when actually modifying the game's code. For example, a user may disable the routine that causes the player character to lose health when touched by enemies, only to find that health is still lost from other hazards.

A GameShark was released for the Nintendo 64 in late August Because of the complex nature of these games, there were many aspects of them which could be modified to produce unique effects. For example, unused content was discovered such as a distant tower on the "Dam" level of GoldenEye The Nintendo 64 GameShark Pro featured an in-game code search menu.

Versions 3. This was intended primarily to make entering a large number of codes easier but was also used for advanced hacking. The in-game code search required that an Expansion Pak be installed and that the game did not actively use the Pak for memory. The advanced features were: Code Creation, which gave users the option to save newly created codes to a standard PlayStation memory card to share with others, and V-Mem Virtual Memorywhich gave users access to an onboard Memory Card feature where they could store up to 8 full memory cards worth of saves.

The Shark Link software suffered from the same problems that plagued the N64 version. With the introduction of the model of the PlayStation, the parallel port was removed. This had been the only way to use the GameShark, as it plugged directly into that port. InterAct then created a GameShark that did not need it. It even included features that could only be found on the GameShark Pro, but like the CDX Game Shark that came out for the original PlayStation, codes could be saved to a memory card, one which resembled that came with the CDX version.December If there should be any updates in the future, they will be released here!

New [pec]chu tutorial online. March Windom, a member of our messageboard has done a nice new [pec]chu tutorial on "How can I find 'unknown increasing values', like the values of damage bars If you are interested in this tutorial click here!

Thanks to Windom for his nice work! April I've just finished a new version of [pec] with the following new features : [pec]chu uses Intel's MMX technology now to improve the search speed Added support for a special form of codetype 50 which supported by the GameShark 2. This works only if the plugin was installed, using the [pec] Setup, and the [pec] Interface wasn't copied to another directory after the installation.

The bug which force the psx emulator to crash, while using some codetype cheats is fixed now. But still, some codes force the emulation to crash, I think this is related to wrong codes in combination with the emulators emulation. So, if you found a code, which let the emulator crash.

Please mail mewhich CODE not which game the problem cause. You can download the new version from the download page. In the last 2 days I got many mails from people which had problems with the new [pec] Plugin.

It simple wasn't shown the 'Video Configuration' menu of the emulator. This problem was related to a bug? Whatever, Thomas told me a work-around to fix the problem and it works fine now.

So if you had problems, please download it again now. Sorry for that Since I've started already with [pec] v2. Get the updated version from the download section. Ok, a new version of [pec] The Plugin is done. Not only the plugin is updated, there is also now a setup wizard, so you don't need to handle zip files anymore and a help file, with much more info's than the old readme. All in all, this is new : [pec] is not zipped anymore, there is a hopefully kickass and easy to use setup now There is a HTMLHelp-file now.


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